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Ernstraud Happiness Sharing Society (EHSS) is a positive attitude shared universally by people of good will. Illuminated by hope and united by untiring optimism, we cooperate into our better future. Public opinion and market forces do not dictate what we want to do; our vision guides what we actually do. Yes, we are idealists.

Helping people is not in and of itself a livelihood. Lyndon Johnson began his trek to the White House by shining shoes. Fortunately circumstances and genius enabled him to determine when it was time to stop shining shoes. His dedication to improving life for everyone gave the world one of history’s most effective Presidents in domestic policy. Making a life transcends making a living.

Happiness (the journey, not the destination)
is putting others ahead of self:

beginning with
gratitude (click here)
greed and fear (self)
the greater good (others).

The Ernstraudian Way

  • Begin where you are.
  • Face the light.
  • Progress at your own pace.
  • Bring someone with you.

You readers are invited to become writers with a purpose to improve the world. We keep the material positive: for example, we do not demand peace (negative approach); we live peacefully in expanding circles (positive approach), and we do not fight poverty (negative mindset); we apply resources (positive mindset). WordPress interrelates (cross references) innumerable blogs to spread the power of our communications. For our part, we shun plagiarism, credit sources, and maintain an atmosphere of love and long-suffering. As we build up our collegiality, we will take turns writing posts. The best posts will be saved as pages and the best pages will be reworked in Ernstraud Magazine. You are giving permission (license) for this use and reuse by Kent Busse d.b.a. Ernstraud Magazine even if you explicitly retain copyright.


definition: ERNSTRAUD / ERNSTRAUDIAN [adjective, noun]: (One who is) finding happiness in the greater good by caring for others ahead of self without profit motive or contention. Examples: Ernstraud Magazine; I am (an) Ernstraudian. (derivation: my parents were ERNST and WalTRAUD)

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