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volume 06 number 03  11 February 2019

  The F I S H

  Fundamental Ingredients Sustaining Humans


volume 06 number 02  11 January 2019

  A Polite Correction

  Fallen Tree; Elevated Neighbors


volume 06 number 01  4 January 2019

  Joyful Kindness

  Ernstraudian Way

  Chopsticks World Metaphor



Volume 6 above begins a fresh series in coordination with a new blog

on Ernstraud Happiness Sharing Society.  This series emphasizes
building happiness and peace while avoiding critical, disparaging tone.

We will learn together how to apply our ideals in an encouraging manner.


volume 05 number 01  24 September 2016

  Poverty Draft?  NO!

  Profit Motive? Why Not? 


volume 04 number 04  20 July 2015 

  Peace, not war, through religion

  Old Testament Pacifism

  Motivation other than Fear and Greed

      extinguish profit motive everywhere


volume 04 number 03  15 July 2015 

  The Gender Binary Is a False Construct

      Why secular same-sex marriage

      is a fundamental human right

  Fear Is Not Godly


volume 04 number 02  11 February 2015 

  The Only True Church

  Why Not To Boycott

  Choosing Servitude

  This Is Not Pornography


volume 04 number 01  14 January 2015 

  Fight for Principles?


  We Love Bullies

  Reality Checks


volume 03 number 01  17 September 2014 

  How to read Ernstraud Magazine

  Generation to Generation

  Pursuit of unhappiness

  Happiness = Sharing


volume 02 number 02  05 March 2012 

  Survivor's Guilt

  Power of One -- Power of Me

  Nuclear Weapons Again


volume 02 number 01  11 January 2012 

      Ernstraud Encounter from 2006 is lightly revised here

  The Bare Face of Truth



volume 01 number 04  10 November 2011 

  I Should Compromise?

  Non-Governmental Organization

  Why Do Americans Hate Each Other?


volume 01 number 03  03 October 2011 

   Proving To You That You Can Do It

   A Poem About Generation   *

   Civilization:  the Absence of Retribution   *

   Do Healthy Lives Cost Jobs?  


volume 01 number 02  05 September 2011 

   How to get to a Flat Tax

   Labor Day Celebration

   The Open Mike Gaffe

   I'm So Glad I Could Talk  *


volume 01 number 01  08 August 2011 

   Pumping Gasoline

   Positive Relationships for Success (Survival Guide)   *

   Throwing Family to the Wolves

   Prophetic Promise   *          


* denotes material previously on the internet



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