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Imagine the pain of loudly supporting one side of an issue only to learn later that the opposite side had the better argument.  A legal advocate or a debate team must know the alternatives and be able to present either side at its best, and universities teach us how to refute any proposition.  Comprehending all […]


When I was in middle school, several of us argued religion on the playground.  The object of our contentious discussions was  a) be right (superior subjectively and objectively)b) be distinguished (different from and opposed to someone)c) win (prevail at the expense of the other denominational viewpoint). Sixty years later I regard that display of combative […]

Healthy Happy Lucky You

You have come to the place where happiness is contagious, where sharing makes us happy and happiness makes us share. Aristotle taught us that the purpose of life is happiness.  Maybe we would have evolved without happiness motivation, but once we are here, happiness is our choice.  We celebrate the human condition. Health is the […]

The Promised Land: Mexico

Can we learn to support Mexico as the Promised Land–the destination of choice?  I’m not thinking overcrowded refugee camps.  I’m thinking SEMI-AUTONOMOUS (self-governed) PERMANENT SETTLEMENTS where people of similar (international, primarily Spanish speaking) background can start a new life including agriculture and cottage industry from the start.  These people have already entered Mexico, out of […]

A polite correction

This piece of happiness needs to be shared. There is a grocery product that I dearly love. The company recently raised its price one-third by packaging fewer pieces per bag. After about a month, the packaging again showed the LARGER count–which should mean that the price went back DOWN. I again purchased the product. However, […]

First Post

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