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Peak Motivation

People work harder for others than they do for themselves because humans are hard-wired for cooperation.  For motivation, social value is stronger than self-interest. Negative proof:–Recently a respected retirement home was saddened by the suicide of one of its most appreciated residents, a retiree from an active and productive career, father of several successful, caring […]

Noah Complex

There is a religious viewpoint suggesting that I must find the elect or chosen few and bring them out of a corrupt world that is on its way to destruction. This separatist suggestion appears narrow and contrived. I am energized instead by the viewpoint that I belong to the human family, which can use some […]

You create your own world

Would you like today’s title to be literally true?  In every way?  Would you launch into unbounded fantasy—able to be anything you imagine? Of course you are not THE creator of THE world.  But what if you could start a new one right now?  How much of your present word does result from your choices?  […]

How To Evade Discouragement

The Lorado Taft sculpture (Fountain of Time) at the end of the Midway Plaisance in Chicago depicts the human family endlessly springing up ignorant, occupying the world stage for a period, and retreating into oblivion.  It inspires introspection— “what am I doing with my turn on stage?”  Once I have become aware of my existence, […]

How To Buy Successfully

Pressure advertising pushes people into making purchases. Price deadlines accelerate deciding and acting. To boost sales, merchants encourage impulse buying. In contrast, I meet customer needs when the timing is best for them.  When they are ready, I will be there. My goal is to benefit my customers, not my income. If my philosophy reduces […]

Counting Votes – RCV

This is the promised discussion of counting ballots in a system of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) discussed in the prior post. First story:–Consider a sports club that is voting on a location for its annual picnic.  Among four alternative locations, the meadow wins the balloting.  After the vote, someone suggests yet another location.  When the […]

Ranked Choice Voting (Instant Runoff)

Multi-Party civility:–A one-party state tends toward oppression and a two-party state tends toward gridlock.  These weaknesses detailed in the prior post can be addressed by adding parties so that achieving majority requires forming coalitions based on civility.  People behave better when they hope that the opponent on the current issue will be an ally on […]

Single-Party State?

Like this blog, society is about positive relationships among empathetic people.  Today’s post is another encouragement to diversity and pluralism. Lack of empathy leads to adversarial polarization, which is a primary threat to domestic tranquility in the family or in the state.  Polarization is a path to gridlock, which is a barrier to progress.  A […]

Let’s Be (Positively) Real

Eagerness can tempt us to take shortcuts to wrong goals.  An example is the mythical deity (“jealous god of wrath”) who establishes calm by destroying perpetrators (“the wicked”), a classical quick fix that does not solve problems.  In contrast, patience is a long path to the right goal.  An example is Christian longsuffering that sees […]

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