Engulfed in Beauty

Pediatric medicine regularly involves decorating the child’s room.  Children are responsive to cheerful environment; it promotes healing.  Admitted or ignored, the same applies to adults.  Dr. King brought us hope by teaching us to see the beauty of the promised land around us. Did Dr. King dispense decorations?  Problems worsen if they are decorated over.  […]

Discover Your Happy

Happiness is always out there. You might as well stay tuned in all the time.

How To Evade Discouragement

The Lorado Taft sculpture (Fountain of Time) at the end of the Midway Plaisance in Chicago depicts the human family endlessly springing up ignorant, occupying the world stage for a period, and retreating into oblivion.  It inspires introspection— “what am I doing with my turn on stage?”  Once I have become aware of my existence, […]

Healthy Happy Lucky You

You have come to the place where happiness is contagious, where sharing makes us happy and happiness makes us share. Aristotle taught us that the purpose of life is happiness.  Maybe we would have evolved without happiness motivation, but once we are here, happiness is our choice.  We celebrate the human condition. Health is the […]

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